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Auto Dealerships Directory

General Policies 

Please take a moment to read our policies in reference to  data practices and the general expectations of dealer information that are been uses on this site. This section contains both customer polices and policies regarding site data and its usages . It also includes the way in which we usually manage the dealers information provided on Auto Dealerships Directory network, and which consist of such practices pertaining to the content management of  information, our customer service approach towards each dealer partner, the dealer expectation of doing business with us, and the consent of expectations upon the paid implementation of each dealer description page (DDP) provided within this network.  Auto Dealerships Directory  address issues such as honesty, fairness, integrity and respect to our Dealer Partners. We institute the following steps: Honesty: We will not say things that are false. We will never deliberately mislead. We will be as candid as possible, openly and freely sharing information, as appropriate to the relationship with our dealer partners and network users.

Dealer rated content:

About Auto Dealerships Directory rated content for each dealer within the network, we usually require the usage of our standard questionnaire before the implementation process. As a first step, and a fact finding way for the discovering of the necessary elements involved. This is part of our process for each new dealer, and for purpose of gaining the necessary and specific understanding of how each dealer operates among its respective markets. Our staff will then carefully create a compilation of written content and which is to be approved by the dealer. This will then go live and to give our front –end-users the most capable and updated information about these dealers listed within the network. 

data mining:

Auto Dealerships Directory, published dealerships data-information for the purpose of consumer usages when doing research online, and when looking to find a particular dealership of choice nationwide for the purpose of the purchasing of vehicles when possible. Each dealer information provided by content-data, had been described independently within this network of dealers, and with the most up-to-date information provided and then gathered within our data-base of national dealers and which are very data-content secure. These dealerships information provided usually get  data-updated by our staff annually, however, if the data-content of information provided within this network seems to be inaccurate and of a particular dealer description page (DDP), such dealer or interested person(s) do have a fair chance and of their own discretion for the submitting of the up-dated information and of such a dealer if there are to find in necessary for having such a particular dealer data-content information updated by our staff.  

policies redraging data:

Auto Dealerships Directory human resources department address issues such as hiring and termination, benefits, promotion, salary increase and discipline. We follow policies addressing all New hires, shall be subject to a three month probationary period during which employment is at-will.

Service policy:

Auto Dealerships Directory management address issues pertaining to employee attitude toward customers or Dealer Partners. A policy dealing with customer relations as reported by a concerned customer: All of our employees deal with our customers. No matter what the position is, every employee impacts the customer in some way. Our Employees are reminded to promote the company just as they would represent their families. This means being friendly and courteous on the business property, on the telephone and or while visiting our dealer partners.

Business Partners:

Auto Dealerships Directory may partner-up with select dealerships and other companies at various times to provide expanded services to our site visitors, product-line and service offers. As part of such relationship, we may share with these companies certain interactive Web site functions and data, etc. the Information provided by site visitors through the use of analytics may be available to both our Auto Dealerships Directory and its dealer partners.

dEALER Consent:

Auto Dealerships Directory do acknowledge our network of dealer partners as the most valuable set of assets within our network and a form of consent, at anytime if for some other reason dealers are not satisfied with any part of our standard  dealer description pages and its written content, with the written  consent of notification  these pages content can then be modified  for the better of the dealer satisfaction and within forty-eight hours upon the receiving such notification. 


For the deactivation of any of our dealer description pages (DDP) within the network. Which can be considered to be a form of  active or non-active accounts. Each of our dealer partner within this network and which is said to paid-for or the non-paid  and as form of advertising. At anytime these dealer partners nationwide,  can then contact us through the contact us page of this network or by the communicating of telephone at this number 210-488-6735, and then  asking for such an activation of requirement. This will then be accepted and completed within twenty-four hours upon the receiving of such a notification or communication and for there requirements .    

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