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Jun 17, 2021


This brand of dealerships was owned through the General Motor Company and as part of their offered brand of dealerships nationwide. However as of now the Saturn brand of cars and dealerships had been discontinued. There are a few other brand of left and some dealerships nationwide do carry the Saturn brand of cars, Chrysler brand of  cars is one of the big three brand of automotive makers in the United States, with its world headquarters in Auburn Hills Michigan, and the Chrysler corporation was founded by Walter Chrysler in 1925 after the acquisition and restructuring of the Maxwell Motor Company. Most Chrysler Jeep Dodge and Ram dealership facilities do carry a building architectural design of standard features, and for the purpose of the identifying of the Chrysler brand and make of products among general consumers. Chrysler Dodge Jeep and Ram dealer  building facilities are cream in color and as a signature  model of the brand. These dealerships has a combination of its branded logos and which are nicely displayed on the top- front of each Chrysler dealer buildings, and it also carry the trademark signages for each of its four branded make of cars. These types of dealerships are very modern and well kept throughout each of its facilities, and with having a standard lot space of roughly about  half of an acre, of accommodation for its customers. Each Chrysler dealer carries a little bit over 200  new cars within their inventory at hand, and has ample parking for all of its customers, it is very spacious and they are located at mostly suburban areas around the country.   Chrysler dealers offer a combination of four major make of vehicles for its customers to choose from at these dealerships, and which includes the Chrysler types, Dodge, Jeep make and Ram vehicles, and within these categories of vehicles there are Sedans, SUVs and Pick-up- trucks, and along with the various types of Sports Utilities automobiles, and their inventory consist of mostly new vehicles.  

These types of dealerships has various departments within each of its dealers nationwide, and which are comprised from the purchasing of a vehicles to the maintenance of your car; there is the vehicle sales department, the financing and insurance department, and the service and parts department respectively. These department are well organized and streamlined for the benefit of the car-buying empowerment of its customers , and maintenance efforts of vehicles then purchased. Most Chrysler dealers offer the value trade in transaction for customers as a choice, and as part of the dealership products offered,  the choice of acquiring an automotive loan through Chrysler financing and with its appropriate approval process of qualifications.  

Dealership Technology - There are various programs that are being used by Saturn dealerships nationwide and most of these are various types of up-to-date technology including the functioning usages of Saas programs, and which usually enhances the consumer purchasing efforts at a single  point of sale at each of its dealerships, and as a reference point for the fact finding  of the value of cars to be traded-in, the qualifications of auto-loans and monthly payments  which is to be issued , and the amount of virtual inventory of cars in stock at each of their dealerships.  

Saturn Product Advancements: 
Saturn brand of product advancements throughout the years had moderately evolved into the type of engineering and in way of which consumers understand that the brand of products carries a set of excellent road safety standard, and of which are very sturdy  in various types of driving conditions. The technology advancements on the brand of products and of their interior designs and driver controls of vehicles produced and manufactured, had been very well thought-out and for the purpose of giving today‚Äôs drivers the confidence of having the ultimate control of their vehicle when driving, and with its much needed personal devices at their fingertips.  

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Jun 17, 2021


The Chrysler Six was one of Chrysler's first series of cars manufactured and that were all installed with the Chrysler Straight Six engineering power when the company assumed operations in 1925. The Chrysler Six initially consisted of several models, and the variety of the series of cars perfection and designations had helped to declared the approximate top speed for vehicles during this time, and which it was able to consistently maintain. Then each series number by type was incrementally updated during every of its newer model and year. Each series was offered in several body style of choices at this time. The engines were technically advanced for its time, and these series of cars were then entered into the famous French car racing sport, the 24 Hours of Le Mans for 1925, 1928 and 1929, an endurance and competitive sporting event for top automotive makers around the world.  

Chrysler's roomy and luxurious 300 - is one of the best large sedans on the market. Inside, buyers will find plenty of space for five adults, along with comfortable seats and attractive trim and not to mention its legroom. The 5.7-liter V8 is punchy but thirsty. We prefer the 3.6-liter V6, which is plenty powerful and got a decent 22 mpg overall on efficiency test. Both engines use a smooth eight-speed automatic transmission, and a very nice eight-speed automatic was added to the V6 in 2012 and extended to the V8s three years later.. All-wheel drive is available only with the V6 engine. The 300's stately ride, responsive handling, and quiet cabin make it feel like a true luxury car even though it costs thousands less than what luxury brands typically charge.

A much-improved redesign arrived in 2011, making this car a respectable, as a large luxury cruiser. The spacious and luxuriously trimmed interior is quiet and offers an accommodating rear seat. With plenty of trunk space, the 300 is also great for road trips. The up-to-date interactive Uconnect informational and entertainment system panel is easy to use and it will give its driver a steady feel of been technologically savvy. with its well-tailored cabin packed with useful features and amenities, including this easy-to-use optional Chrysler's Uconnect 8.4 touch-screen infotainment system. This touch-screen infotainment interface is one of the best out there, and a full suite of electronic drivers' aids is offers; including forward-collision warning with auto brake, lane-departure warning with assist, and active cruise control, and a host of driver's aided functions.  

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